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Bagpipe Chanters



Thorough research and testing have enabled us to design a traditional chanter that guarantees superb clarity, mellow tone and excellent projection.  Users will experience an easier play.

ACETAL plastic Chanters


Our acetal plastic chanters are manufactured to the high standard you would expect.  They are audibly pleasing and produce a very similar sound to a wooden chanter with the added benefit of a consistent sound, necessary when playing with other instruments.

African blackwood Chanters


These beautiful chanters are preferred by solo players.  The African blackwood chanter is the traditional choice and benefits from a more natural feel when playing.

Consistency for bands


Tuning up a band can be a difficult and time consuming process.  The precision engineering of David Frazer chanters dramatically reduces band tuning times as we offer great consistency throughout.

£120 Acetal Plastic

£185 African Blackwood

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